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Negotiating with Goliath: How to Prepare for Your Toughest Negotiations 


Whether it is a big sale, a critical vendor contract, an investor, a prospect, a huge meeting with your boss, a merger, an acquisition, or you’re selling your company, buying out a partner, hiring and firing, your troubled relatives, or even a deranged gunman- are you equipped and ready to negotiate as if your entire career was on the line… or worse?  


David slew Goliath with five rocks and a simple sling.  What do you have when the giant barbarian is at your gates?  Where will you get your calm, poise, strategy, and tactics?  Come roll with us for a few hours and discover a method of negotiation that is perfect for aggressive counterparties!


Allan Tsang has sat across the table and the phone from the big boys of procurement and sales.  He has guided thousands of international enterprise deals for all sorts of international clients.  He is a field practitioner and a dedicated coach.  Allan is a master of the strategic negotiation process and creating vision and discovery that defeat emotional traps and power plays.


Dan Oblinger is a trained and seasoned hostage and crisis negotiator.  He has conducted thousands of face-to-face street-level negotiations, and hundreds of hostage and solo barricades in his two decades of law enforcement service.  More importantly, as an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and consulting negotiator and business coach, Dan has translated his tactics for business so you don’t have to.


Who should come?:

Ideal for leaders, entrepreneurs, sales and procurement pros, managers, and executives.

Critical Takeaways:​


  • Learn the power and the limits of leverage, authority, and pressure that are used against you

  • Explore the potential of a valid mission and purpose statement and discovery to avoid being bullied

  • See the process of briefing and debriefing big negotiations to ensure success. 

  • See how professional negotiations anticipate dilemmas, biases, emotions/aggression.  Then having the habit to work through all of them to conduct discovery and get to the solution.

Event Details

Where:  Register here for the Zoom link:

What: This event is an interactive, live, zoom workshop, featuring a minimal lecture on key concepts and role-play in small groups facilitated by skilled coaches.

When: Date: Friday, Feb 19, 2021
Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Eastern Time US
Tuition: Early Bird $150 until 2/12/2021, $175 after that.
Zoom (link provided during registration)​
***enter code "goliath" at checkout to get the discount.
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Cancellation policy: you may cancel and get a full refund minus the cost of payment processing up to 24 hours prior to the start of the event. 

Dan Oblinger


What if a hostage negotiator made the jump to business negotiations?  What if the same skills that save lives can also craft lucrative scope and fee packages for your firm?  Dan Oblinger is an actively serving hostage negotiator commander for a large American city.  He is the author of two books, “Life or Death Listening: A Hostage Negotiator’s How-to Guide to Mastering the Essential Communication Skill” and “The 28 Laws of Listening: Best Practices for the Master Listener”.  Dan coaches and consults with companies on internal negotiation programs, especially when active listening can enhance their deal-making.  





Dan Oblinger Bio

Allan Tsang


Helping people excel in the art and science of negotiation, build stronger agreements, and get what they want without unnecessary compromises

Allan is a negotiation coach with over a decade of experience in training thousands of business owners and professionals to negotiate more effectively. His real-world expertise and track record of success can be adapted to virtually any industry or profession, with specializations in the Engineering, Technology, Manufacturing, Biomedical, and Aerospace sectors.


Born in Hong Kong, raised in Africa, and educated in the United States, Allan’s early career took him to Boston, New York, and Atlanta before finally settling in Virginia as a business coach. Fluent in English and Cantonese, his global experiences have shaped his perspectives and enhanced his ability to bridge cultural gaps, facilitate better communication, and build lasting agreements between opposing parties.

Allan’s clients include start-ups, multi-billion dollar companies, M&A’s, Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies, and Fortune "100 Best Companies to Work For". His no-nonsense coaching has been sought out to help land anchor clients, grow revenues, and resolve conflicts, as well as to negotiate mergers and acquisitions. With his training, Allan’s clients have successfully negotiated agreements with companies such as Google, Boeing, PepsiCo, Verizon, Northrop Grumman, CAT, GE, and Microsoft.

In addition to being named one of the “Top 20 Under 40” by the Blue Ridge Business Journal, he also serves on the board of advisers for RAMP, a regional business accelerator. Personally trained and mentored by the late Jim Camp, Allan is currently the North America and Asia Pacific Negotiation Coach for Camp Systems.

Allan Tsang Bio
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